Training Facility

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing possess an ‘in house’ training facility for professional installers

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing

Professional Installation Training Facility

Green Circle are a leading force within the bespoke aluminium glazing industry.  We pride ourselves on giving an excellent service from the time of your initial enquiry, all the way through to providing support during installation and after care.

In addition to being committed to providing the highest possible level of support, we are also committed to delivering the best training available within the industry.  We have a continual development process in place, to ensure that our products offer exceptional value for money.

Within our premises, we have heavily invested in a dedicated training centre, including experienced and qualified trainers on hand, who can provide you with certificates of attendance for each course. As part of this course, you will cover the elements of the install that you feel you need the most assistance in.  The trainers will assess your skill and will give you advice, tips and tricks, to help ensure you have an easy, successful installation.

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing

The Training Process

You will cover all elements of the process including:

Preparing the openings – In this element you’ll look at how you can ensure your openings are dead level, allowing you to easily place the products correctly.

Levelling the products – You’ll be shown to how to check your diagonals, and square the products in the aperture.

Fixing the products – You’ll learn everything from where the high stress points are on the frame which determine where your fixings need to be, right through to how to correctly install our factory-sealed cills whilst maintaining the aesthetic properties.

Glazing and Gasketing of the products – The trainer will show you the process of safely fitting the glass into the frame, and how to effectively gasket this to a high standard – which will help prevent you from experiencing issues, further down the line.

If you’re a professional installer and you’d like to learn more about our training facility, and installing Green Circle’s range of products, we’d like to hear from you. Please call the office on 01752 203203 or email us via our contact form.

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