Trending Colour : Grey

Red, Blue, Purple ! Green, Yellow, Pink ! The options are endless when it comes to picking a colour for your new windows and doors…

But where do you start ?
Investing in new glazing comes at a cost and it’s not something you want to change every week so it’s really really important to get the colour right first-time round !

At Green Circle we really can do anything you like but thrusting a hundred and one colour swatches into the clients face and saying let us know what you like is daunting for them and actually makes it even harder for them to decide…
Sometimes it’s true that Less is More.

The trend at the moment is as we all know grey – dark grey, anthracite grey, silver grey, antique grey, light grey, air force grey – whatever it is, it’s all about the greys. But before you stop reading and move your cursor swiftly towards the little red cross with a heave of “as usual” just stop and read on a few more lines…
There are reasons that grey is all so in !

As it’s neither black nor white it’s the most versatile neutral, the go between- light and dark makes it the perfect match for other neutral shades such as beige, cream or taupe. Pairing dark grey frames with a softer light grey wall can add a bit of drama to your interior décor without being over the top and if you prefer a cocoon effect that’s oh, so cosy in the winter months opt for an all-dark grey scheme with some subtle but warm lighting to create that perfect relaxed atmosphere.

Grey can add sophistication to any style choice, its current, its relaxed and its sophisticated all at once. By choosing one of our textured grey finishes for your frames you allow the colour to take CenterStage and prove that it’s far from dull when you bring the right finish into the mix.

In the modern home grey effortlessly elevates those sleek shapes and clean lines and creates a natural background for any taste. Try making it Scandinavian and add organic textures and colours to the interior design to really make your doors and windows shine; by using a Nordic palette the textures and layers help it all blend into an idyllic sanctuary.

If that’s not you and you prefer to have a little colour in your life, grey will still be at your beck and call, taking its place in the background to let pastels and vibrant hues pop. Take grey and blush pink, for instance. This colour pairing continues to be an enduring trend in contemporary homes – layered pastel accents add colour and personality while a grey sofa serves as an unobtrusive neutral.

And if it’s vibrant shades of striking orange or lemon yellow that you want to incorporate then try pairing it with darker shades of charcoal grey to hyphenate your accent colours!

Whatever your style, grey is ultimately the most timeless neutral shade to pair it with. With so many different tones grey shades offer a colour that you can balance with any other hues to create the desired look. Use grey as your base and build up the rest from that instead of creating bland all grey interiors. Try adding fresh green plants to your interior décor to add some life to your design.

Of course, we can get you any colour you like and there are definitely other options to grey available so if you want to see something else just ask…

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