Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall

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“This unique, contemporary property was tastefully designed to suit the client’s lifestyle with a large assortment of bespoke features that give visitors a taste of their personalities.”

We love helping clients create their dream homes and this project was no exception. The clients had very bespoke requirements, and knew exactly what they wanted the end result to portray. All they had to do now was find the right trades to bring it to life…

The Challenges

We worked on this project alongside a well established architect – Perring Properties. ( The clients were extremely creative and as a result, had a mass of great ideas. To get these to work, we had to overcome several different challenges including a large picture window and a high exposure level.

The picture window was (and is) the star of the show! Framing the beautiful views of the Roseland Peninsula, it was so important that this was done right. The problem was that because the size of this window was so large, the glass was exceptionally heavy. 

Further to this, the property location was very exposed, meaning that once again, weathering was of utmost importance.

The Solutions

The clients visited the showroom and subsequently, our MD and Sales Manager visited the site to assess the viable options for the glazing on this project. Many designs were explored, including adding in additional bars to keep the glass in 6mm manually handleable units. We made sure that each specified design had the appropriate IX (Wind Loading) Calculations completed, to ensure that the product would be suitable in such an exposed location. The decision was made to bite the bullet and go with the largest viable picture window! This meant that we would need a crane lift to position this piece of 8mm glass in the frame, as it was not possible for it to be safely manually handled. The installations team worked closely with the specialist crane operators to ensure that this operation was completed both safely and successfully.

The clients utilised our Premium Screening System to ensure structural rigidity and meet the relevant wind load specifications; this made sure the system was appropriate for the area, and would not compromise security or safety.

The Results

As you can see from the photographs, this client’s home really is a fantastic creation. The home is filled with natural light and bright, vivid colours that add a playful yet sophisticated sense of fun to the home. Features such as the bright orange slide which serves as an alternative to the traditional staircase, help to set this home a step above your average design. The panoramic glazing allows the clients to enjoy the views from all elevations, be it the rolling fields to one elevation of the property or the stunning coastal scenes from the other.

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