Plymouth, Devon

Aluminium Casement Windows, Aluminium Integral Blind Systems, Aluminium Slab Doors

Images Ⓒ Doyle and Whitley

“A striking contemporary house on a coastal hillside in Plymouth, with views across Plymouth Sound.”

Joanna and Andrew set out to design a new build which was ‘outside the box.’ The design was 17 years in the making, which led them to create a unique masterpiece, inspired by Firestone Bay Artillery Tower.

The Challenges

With the main feature of the property being its curved walls, the clients required windows to follow the shape. Green Circle would need to find a solution, as they knew that curved windows often caused problems with both operation and weathering. The design was important, and what we did not want to do was just ignore the client’s brief and put in a proposal for ‘standard’ products. 

Another challenge for the clients was privacy. They wanted large clear glass areas. However, they did not want people being able to look in at them. The clients didn’t really want to use a curtain system as this would impact the overall aesthetic and lose the clean modern feel. We needed to look at our available options and give the clients an appropriate suggestion to make this work for them.

The Solutions

Combining our experience and attention to detail meant we could create the perfect set of windows and doors to compliment the build. 

For the curved facades we used a faceted bay system to create a rounded appearance. The award-winning team at Doyle and Whitley ( were able to build this in, and they really did do a stunning job! 

Integral blinds were the obvious and most practical solution for this project. The clients were able to use this slim blind system (which goes inside the glass unit) to achieve privacy, without compromising the glazing. The blinds could be tilted or opened fully depending on the time of day, which allowed the clients to have total control over the apertures. This solution was even more attractive to them as they required no maintenance. Forget dusting blind slats, these slats were sealed inside the unit, away from dust, dirt and grime!

The Results

The integral element of this project – its view – has been maximised to its full potential. Green Circle’s glazing seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor living spaces, whilst showcasing the fantastic view of the Plymouth Sound!

The curved facade makes the property recognisable and allows natural light to fill the interior, complementing the array of natural finishes. One of our favourite features of the property, although unrelated to the windows, is the secret toilet which is located behind the bookcase. The hidden door is operated by pushing two books! This feature really does show you just how creative both the clients and builders were when developing this project. 

We think they’ve got what they were aiming for – a unique, interesting and unusual project – the clients really have thought outside of the box!

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