Premium Parallel Windows in Devon & Cornwall

We design, manufacture and fit Premium Aluminium Parallel Windows.

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing

Floor to Ceiling Ventilation with an Uninterrupted Vista

Our bespoke, aluminium parallel windows give you the flexibility of a casement window, with a draught-free convection effect.

These windows open parallel to your building, affording you the comforts of ventilation, without spoiling your panoramic view.  This latest addition to our casement window range, incorporates a night vent position which can be set to an optimum position to emphasise your building’s character.  The elegant flat profile used in the manufacturing of these windows, delivers a stylish and contemporary look.

You can choose from a number of textured finishes in our hard-wearing ‘Sensations’ range, or any finish from the RAL colour palette, in single or dual colour.

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing

Parallel Windows – Increased Storm Protection

Premium parallel windows come with many benefits.  The slimline aluminium profile used, is both strong and lightweight in construction, providing slim sight lines.  A wide choice of handle finishes are available.  The increased storm protection our parallel windows provide is vital, especially when living in areas exposed to heavy wind, rain and saline air – all of which can destroy traditional timber framed windows. 

Security is paramount – our parallel windows can be PAS 24 security certified, giving you peace of mind, knowing you can sleep soundly.  They are fully compliant with Part L Building Regulations and can be Part Q specified for new build projects.

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Storm Protection

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Premium Parallel Windows

Green Circle Bespoke Glazing

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