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Aluminium Bifold Doors, Aluminium Casement Windows, Aluminium Screen Walling System

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“This beautiful, Bahama’s-inspired retreat is the perfect location for a romantic retreat on the top of the rugged Cornish Coastline”

When our clients, Alan and Jane, approached us alongside their interior design team, it was clear that this beachside chalet was going to be something very special! The idea was to create a calm, relaxed and inspiring environment, taking advantage of the stunning views that they had in this location.

They knew that renovating what was originally built as a refuge for evacuees in the Second World War into a coastal haven for luxury self catering breaks was not going to come without it’s challenges. The windows and doors are quite literally salt-kissed, meaning that only the highest quality product could be fit for purpose…


Sitting in a bubbling hot tub on the edge of the clifftop watching the sunset over a twinkling expanse of Cornish waters might sound like a dream right now, but when it comes to building or renovating a sustainable and long lasting property in this location there are numerous challenges that have to be faced!

The harsh weather in this environment was definitely one of the most major considerations when it came to choosing suitable products for the renovation. The clients were very aware that being this close to sea would mean that in stormy and less settled weather conditions the property would get a battering! Ensuring the windows and doors would live up to these conditions was definitely a major consideration on this project.

Picturesque views surround the property, and the clients wanted to ensure that we made the most of these and gave the property the peaceful coastal vibe it deserved. It was important to be able to link the indoor and outdoor areas, seamlessly allowing the future guests to go from the comfort of the lounge to the alfresco dining area seamlessly.

Being a rental property, the practicality of the products was something that needed to be considered. We needed to work with the clients to ensure that guests would be able to utilise any of the doors or windows with ease, but at the same time we didn’t want to compromise the design.


Alan and Jane approached us about this project as they knew us, and the quality of our work from a previous nearby project that they had completed several years prior to the Islander retreat. Specialising in providing products that live up to the Coastal environment we find ourselves in , made us the most favourable supplier for this project.

We looked at the potential products and considered the options available. It was quickly apparent that the Premium Bifold Door was the favourable product as it allowed for the rooms to be fully opened up to the elements when desired. We ensured that the clients opted for an open out system as this would drastically improve the weather rating of the doors. Alongside this, the all round opinion was that opening out would be better as it would not take up any of the internal living space which the interior designers were happy about.

To maximise views, the clients opted for a large fixed pane to the right hand side of the property. We worked closely with the site team to minimise the sightlines on this frame. The builders built a wooden cladding detail that covered the aluminium framing, creating a picture perfect window for guests sat at the dining area to enjoy the scenery outside.

Whilst the Premium Bifold Doors offered the perfect design choice for the clients, there was a concern that potential guests may not understand how to operate the doors correctly. Our marketing and design team were able to produce a helpful instruction guide that was framed on the wall inside of the property.


A luxurious and alleviating property for guests to enjoy. Whatever the weather, the interior finishes make for a dreamy escape, and guests can rest assured that the windows and doors will keep them warm, safe and dry! For brighter days, the holidaymakers can enjoy a seamless transition to the garden area which leads to 3 miles of sweeping sandy beaches.

“Truly a romantic escape whatever the season. Settle on the sofa to sip cocktails and watch the show outside unfold.” UNIQUE HOME STAYS

Jane sent us the following words following the project completion…

“Amazing service and everything completed on a very tight schedule – Thankyou for your help and efficiency completing the job well within time schedule”

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