How Can We Utilise Internal Screening?

I think we all have experienced the problem of trying to work, think or just relax in a noisy environment; maybe it’s our colleagues having a group discussion, children or just the constant irritating sound of the typing, cooking or general work in the neighbouring room.

At Green Circle, we have the perfect solution to minimising those distractions…

Our internal screens are a doorway into the future be it in a business environment, educational area or the luxury of your dream home…

In the modern world we now live in, many parents are choosing to work from home which means they can look after the kids as well ! While this is practical and efficient for most people, it comes with many challenges; such as the embarrassing moment when you’re midway through an important phone call and your child screams out “MUM, I’m bored !!!” Straightaway we frantically try to restore peace by shushing and shouting creating an even more embarrassing and unprofessional outlook on us and our company.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Working from home can be easy when you choose a Green Circle solution.

Just imagine…

You’re working from home in your dream house, whilst you’re busy with calls, documents and other menial tasks you have a perfect view of your children across the room as they run, shout and play… but here’s the difference… This time your zone is sectioned off with Premium Internal Screening. Peace reigns and you’re comfortable in the knowledge that you can keep a watchful eye on your little ones.

Alternatively, this versatile system is an amazing way to divide offices and provide the business with separate spaces to communicate, minimising unnecessary distractions from separate teams.

Looking for a way to spice up your restaurant? Maybe Premium Internal screens are the answer to that as well; these products have been used in a number of eating environments to divide seating areas, creating zones for your visitors to enjoy the perfect meal. We’ve even seen restaurants use them to separate the takeaway and dine in departments allowing your guests to have a tailored experience.

And finally, the educational setting is just one other way you could utilise a Premium Internal Screen. Whilst collaboration is great, 30-40 children in a room is unfortunately not the best learning environment as constant noise and distractions from every area of the room has been proven to adversely affect our children’s education and results. With our Premium Internal Screening system collaborative, individual and semi collaborative areas can all be installed allowing ideal working conditions for both students and teachers.

There are so many options when it comes to Premium Internal Screening, from colours, handle styles, opening style and beyond ! Think Sliding Doors, Pivot Doors or Standard Doors whatever your style, there’s a solution for you.

So the choice is yours, whether you wish to restore peace in your home, change up your company workplace or increase efficiency. Our Premium Internal Screens have got you covered with a friendly team, extensive options and expert advice. All you need to do now is speak to our team and get some designs in motion…

Let's Transform Your Home, Together