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“A picture book village, Feock, offered a serene, idyllic location for our client’s semi-retirement home.” 

Anne’s vision was to create a home that offered her a suitable retirement location and facilitated her energetic lifestyle. With direct access to the creek from her garden, Anne would be able to use this as a set-off point for her daily swims at high tide.

Being so close to the creek would bring other challenges though, and it was important that Annes windows and doors would give her lasting security whatever the weather!

The Challenges

As a creekside property, Anne knew that it would be impacted by the harsh cornish weather conditions. Whilst we knew in the summer, her garden would bloom and the doors would be open wide letting the natural light in, we were all aware that in the not-so-favourable winter months, it would be important to retain heat and protect her from the harsh weather conditions. 

Throughout the design stage, we encountered several design challenges which we had to overcome -one of these was the corner detail between one of the sliders in the living room and a neighbouring window. The team needed to find a way to make this work both aesthetically and functionally. 

Further to this, Anne was keen to make a bold and striking entrance to the property. We needed to find a door that was slick, clean, and gave her the modern feel that she was looking for! 

We wanted to make sure that the products were future-proof as the couple got older. This meant we needed to look at some of the designs and see how we could make the products manageable, whilst still achieving sizeable openings. Anne had design ideas already, and we wanted to ensure that these were not forgotten!

The Solutions

Our sales advisor checked that all of the wind loading tests had been calculated and that the specified products would withstand the expected British weather standards and beyond. The bi-folding door section was made opening out (A Green Circle standard) to ensure it had tight, strong weather seals and all products were fitted with marine-grade hardware, which would mean that they would stand up to the salty environment.

The technical team talked, and came up with a solution for the corner section that would meet the requirements outlined. This bespoke solution was discussed alongside our installers which made it easy for them to implicate it smoothly when on site.

The install team worked with the builder to achieve a high-quality finish, and our client, Anne, commented later on how well they communicated and got on with the project – unfortunately unlike some of the other trades on site.

We showed Anne a range of door options available for the entrance and, as we expected, Anne was set on our Premium Slab Doors. With the help of our range of online product brochures and coming to see the physical samples in the showroom, she was able to identify a design that fitted her bespoke requirements – it looked like a stunning showpiece for a grand entrance to the property.

Anne was able to achieve very similar designs to what she had previously specified, aided by the expert advice of the Green Circle team. Anne chose to break her sliders into smaller panes, both for the aesthetic aspect, and to ensure that they would be easily operable. The design across the back of the house allowed Anne to seamlessly connect her indoor and outdoor space just as planned, through the use of our bifold and sliding door systems!

The Results

Anne has now settled into her luxury home, and is able to enjoy her new surroundings with all her friends and family. The doors at this property are in constant use due to Anne’s active lifestyle.

The dining room bifolds have provided the needed link, and give the option for easy alfresco dining in the summer months whilst retaining the warmth of the home in the winter.

Anne was very satisfied with the Green Circle service and even more thrilled with her excellent windows and doors that are keeping the home weatherproof in all seasons!

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