Choosing The Right Products For Bedrooms…

We all know that feeling of waking up in the middle of a hot summers night and flapping our hands frantically in front of our face trying to form some element of fresh air until we realise that unfortunately this action is to no avail. Reluctantly most of us tend to drag our sleepy heads out of bed, fling the window open and dangle our unruly selves across the cill heaving a sigh of “Ah that’s better!”

In winter however we’re often faced with a different problem and instead of the stifling heat we spend our nights in 2 pairs of PJs wrapped tightly in our duvets shivering and whining about how chilly it is !
You might be thinking, And ? What can we do about it ?
Well, that’s where thinking about the products you put into your bedroom environment at the design stage is crucially important !


A lot of bedrooms are designed with the view in mind, the dream is to wake up to a beautiful sunrise and look out across the ocean blue trying to spot a distant ship sailing into the horizon. The obvious way to design this is with large glass panes that maximise these views with minimal interruption !

But wait, you’ve forgotten something…

A large glass pane which is fixed might look very atheistically pleasing but a mere trickle vent in the top is not going to keep your room ventilated on a summer’s night !

If you’re on a first or second floor elevation, it’s at this point you need to think about whether or not you want to have a balcony. Of course, there are for’s and against’s for everything and balconies are no exception ! Luckily for you we have a solution for both options – balcony or not !

For ground floor elevations and first or second floors with a balcony a premium plus slider is an ideal option… With a night latch position that can be locked in to give air ingress overnight and the ability to push the door along as far as you wish in its track you have optimal possibilities for ventilating the room. It’s also a really great way to connect your bedroom to the balcony and let the spaces become connected as one !

Alternatively, if you’ve opted for a no balcony look our parallel windows offer a fantastic solution to Juliet balconies anyway ! With the ability to be restricted to a depth of your choice the parallel window allows you to push out a full glass pane to allow ventilation around the entire surface area of the window. Once again, they’re designed with your peace of mind at the centre and come with a night latch position so that you can keep the window locked and still achieve a small air ingress to keep the room cool and fresh.

All of our products are thermally broken and come with Low-E Glass meaning you can rest assured that during the winter months the room will stay warm and dry.

So, whether you choose to go with the slider or parallel, it’s up to you but with these options you’re sure to sleep tighter knowing you’ve got the correct products in place in your bedroom !

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