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Why Choose Green Circle Premium Aluminium Bi-fold Doors in Devon & Cornwall?

At Green Circle Bespoke Glazing Ltd, we are known for designing, manufacturing and installing top quality, aluminium windows and doors for luxurious properties in Devon & Cornwall.  Never compromising on standards, and delivering superior customer service, our reputation is second-to-none.  Our family has been in the business since 1975, therefore, our knowledge and experience speaks for itself, and we are always mindful that ‘people buy from people.’

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Advantages of Premium Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular way of opening up your property and connecting the indoors with the outdoors.  Perfect for high-end properties, and delivering an aesthetic which will be the envy of your neighbours, our bi-fold doors will help to extend your living space seamlessly into your garden/patio area, creating a wow factor.  Imagine hosting a dinner party in the summer, where you and you guests can interact without any physical barriers – some taking drinks, or eating alfresco whilst basking in the sun, and others keeping cool indoors – all being able to converse with ease.  Bi-fold doors allow both spaces to act as one, for the ultimate experience.

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Appreciate the View with Aluminium

Premium aluminium bi-fold doors can create a focal point in your property, especially for those with stunning views. Large apertures allow maximum light penetration, whilst the strong, but slimline powder-coated aluminium profile allows sightlines to be kept to a minimum, enabling you to rejoice in your surroundings.  The high-end look of our aluminium bi-fold doors can be maximised by keeping clean lines, flush to floor level, combined with the variety of finishes and textures available. 

Worried about inclement weather?  With Green Circle’s bi-fold doors, our thermally efficient aluminium profile remained watertight under air-pressure, in excess of 3 times the required industry standard BS6375.  We can also supply internal blind systems to complement your bi-folds without the need for unsightly tracks or poles.

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Layout Options with Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

When bi-fold doors are installed, some room will be needed to fold back doors. They can be designed in a variety of ways – however, you can choose from opening fully to the left side, the right side, or split in the centre, depending on your interior layout.  We can specify a single door, which also serves as a way of accessing your property without opening the whole set of panels.  The bi-fold doors are fitted with 3 Star security cylinders as standard, and are fully compliant with Doc Q and Doc L of building regulations.

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Premium Plus Bi-folding Doors

If you wish to have bi-fold doors, but your apertures are far larger than normal, we manufacture Premium Plus Aluminium Bi-folding Doors.  These serve the same function as our premium aluminium bi-fold doors, but are extra heavy-duty, whilst still maintaining slim sightlines and giving high security and weatherproofing standards.  An advanced gasketing system serves to promote exceptional weather tightness and hinge gaskets are included to prevent draughts.  Stainless steel wheels facilitate smooth opening, either to the left or the right, with inside and outside opening.  Please note: these doors are available in a limited range of colours.

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Aluminium v uPVC Profile

Powder-coated aluminium profile is strong, yet lightweight, and is rust-free – making it ideal for standing up to the good old British weather, or for properties near the water.  In the summer months, uPVC can be susceptible to expanding and contracting, which inevitably leads to cracking and permanent damage.  Due to its strength, aluminium lends itself to allowing a slimmer profile, and along with its general more ‘classy’ appearance is much more suited to high-end properties, with a wide choice of colours. 

The lifespan of aluminium windows and doors is approximately 30 years, providing proper care and maintenance is taken, whereas uPVC needs renewing after approximately 20 years, making aluminium much more cost-effective.  Contrary to belief, it is no longer the case that aluminium is prone to condensation and the innovations in thermal technology also mean your house will be well insulated.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in our Premium Aluminium Bi-fold or Premium Aluminium Bi-folding Doors and would like to discuss our requirements, please contact us, either by phone on 01752 203203 or complete the contact form on our website, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

All of our products are manufactured in our factory in Plymouth, and aimed at new builds, extensions and major renovations.  Industry-leading equipment and CNC advanced technology is used throughout, to ensure high quality is maintained for every project.

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